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Funeral advice and support

Havill Funeral Services help families across the UK to deal with death, without the costs and complexity. If you need funeral advice or support, please get in touch.

Preparing for the funeral

  • All faiths, cultures and denominations are welcome

  • We also offer non religious ceremonies 

  • Selection of coffins and caskets, including eco-friendly options

  • Extras including a choice of hearses available

  • Available 24/7

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Specialist Arrangements

At Havill, we are able to provide various elements to personalise the funeral. We believe that a funeral should be a celebration of life, therefore it is right that you represent your loved one in a way they would like to be remembered. Our specialist services include a variety of hearses including the following; vintage hearse, horse-drawn hearse, motorcycle hearse. We are also able to provide musical accompaniment including a bugler and a Scottish piper. Service funerals can also be arranged. If you’d like any of these services please let us know and we can implement these into your arrangement.

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When arranging a funeral, you can rest assured that we will make every effort  to accurately estimate our costs. This also goes for any fees paid on behalf of the relatives of the Deceased, i.e. to cemeteries, crematorium, clergy, churches, doctors etc. These cannot always be guaranteed on the initial estimate as they can vary considerably, however we will keep you informed at all stages of the planning and can guarantee no hidden costs. If you’re thinking ahead to the future, we also provide pre-paid funeral plans.

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Floral Tributes

Floral tributes are a beautiful way to remember your loved one and offer a great way to honour their personality. Any tributes that you have made can be delivered to our premises on the day of the funeral. At your request we will also remove any tribute cards after the funeral for placing in a memorial album. We are also available to help and advise on floral arrangements if you require additional support.

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Registration of Death

The certificate of death from the doctor must be sent to the Registrar. Deaths in the County of Kent (except Medway) may be registered at any of the main Registrar’s Offices provided by Kent County Council.

Call 0300 041 5151

Useful information

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Department for Work and Pensions

Did you know that you may be able to obtain financial help from DWP? If you currently receive certain benefits from the government, you may be eligible to a contribution to go towards the overall cost of the funeral. You can find out further by going to

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Codes of Practice

Havill Funeral Directors are proud to follow the guidelines as set out by The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). This ensures that we deliver a high quality level of service, in keeping with the National body. Further information on these guidelines can be found at

Don't worry, you don't have to do this alone

If you need some funeral advice and support, let Havill's help.

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