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Eco-friendly funerals

Natural burial sites offer a beautiful, tranquil setting for family and friends to visit and reflect. We can help you plan an eco friendly funeral. To find out more, speak to Havill Funeral Services.

Natural Burial Sites

The first natural burial ground in the UK was opened back in 1993, with research showing that the number of these now continue to grow – with estimates stating that there are now over 270 natural burial sites in this country. The beautiful Sheppey Natural Burial Ground includes a wooded area and memorial garden. You can find more details about Sheppey Natural Burial Ground here.

Eco Friendly Coffins

  • Ideal for people who’d like their final journey to have less impact on the planet.

  • Coffins and caskets available

  • 100% natural and biodegradable, with no nails, screws or staples

  • Suitable for cremations and burials

Tree isolated on white background

If you'd like an eco-friendly funeral that makes less impact on the environment, contact Havill Funeral Services on the Isle of Sheppey.

01795 666355

Pandanus Round eco coffin
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