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Financial support for funerals

The passing of a loved one is difficult, and how you're going to pay for funeral costs can be a worry. There are a range of government support schemes in place offering financial help for people that need it. Contact Havill Funeral Services in Sheerness find out more.

Funeral Expenses Payment 

You can receive expenses support up to:

The government scheme Funeral Expenses Payment provides financial support for those who claim particular benefits. As a result, there are specific criteria in terms of the benefits and relationship to the deceased that impacts eligibility for this support scheme.

  • Up to £1,000 for any other funeral expenses, such as funeral director’s fees, flowers or the coffin

  • If the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan, you can only get up to £120 to help pay for items not covered by their plan

Factors such as existing funds, insurance policies and the deceased person’s estate will affect the amount of financial support you will be eligible to receive. This scheme is not available for people living in Scotland, however there is similar financial support in the form of the Funeral Support Payment

The Budgeting Loan

The Budgeting Loan offers support towards the cost of a funeral through an interest free loan. Similar to the Funeral Expenses Payment, this financial support is available to those on specific income related benefits.

There are borrowing limits associated with this support, with the maximum currently being £812 if you or your partner claim Child Benefit, and the lowest amount being £100. To help with repayments, you only pay back the amount you have borrowed, and these payments are automatically taken from your benefits.


As part of the eligibility criteria, those looking for Budgeting Loan support need to have been claiming the following benefits over the past 6-months:

  • Income Support

  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

  • Pension Credit

Bereavement Support Payment

The Bereavement Support Payment (BSP) offers financial support if your spouse or civil partner has passed away within the last 21-months. This support comes in the form of a one off payment, followed by 18-monthly payments.

  • To paid National Insurance contributions for at least 25 weeks in one tax year

  • To have passed away because of an accident at work or a disease caused by work

Furthermore, when your spouse or civil partner passed away, you must have been:

  • Under the State Pension age

  • Living in the UK or a country that pays bereavement benefits

Timescales to make your claim

There are time restrictions on claiming which can impact the amount you receive. You need to claim within 3-months of your partner’s death in order to receive the full available amount. Despite this, claims can be made up to 21-months following their death, however this will impact the number of monthly payments you will receive. 

Currently, the Bereavement Support Payment offers two payment rates:

  • Higher rate – first payment of £3,500 followed by monthly payments of £350

  • Lower rate – first payment of £2,500 followed by monthly payments of £100

There's financial support available for funerals 

Where there is no immediate family or friends, local authorities have a statutory duty to arrange funerals for people who have passed away within their boundaries, and will typically recover the funeral costs through the estate of the deceased if possible. Find details of your local council here.

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